Test your integration

You can use fake login data for every flow to test different flows of users authorizing access to their account data. For the test banks, the flows might differ. Please find any necessary data for the fake logins below:


Test BankLogin with Username, Password & OTPUsername: random
Password: random
OTP: random
Test Bank - RedirectProvide source account & authorise in redirectIBAN: DE17215730140403340300
Account Holder Name: random

Test Bank (country)

This is the usual Payment Flow for a User.

  1. Provide username & password on the login screen. Use the following credentials:
  2. Now, the user is prompted to enter a OTP code. You can test 3 cases now:
    1. Failed payment: enter 666 to simulate a failed payment
    2. Instant payment: enter 999 to simulate an instant payment
    3. Non-instant payment: enter a random value to simulate a non-instant payment

Test Bank - Redirect

This is a test redirect Payment Flow with additional source account provision in the beginning of the flow.

  1. Enter the source account for the transaction. Enter the following credentials to continue:
  2. You can now either scan the QR Code to finish the payment on your phone or you can choose to click on the button below the QR Code to finish the payment on your desktop.
    1. QR Code: This simplifies the user journey by letting users take advantage of biometrics to finish the payment flow.
    2. Stay on Desktop: This will take users to the Desktop version of their Online Banking to finish the payment there. The user usually knows this flow best and trust the official Online Banking Portal of their bank most.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and decide on the success or failure of the payment
    1. Successful payment, click on "SCA OK"
    2. Failed payment, click on "SCA NOK"

Additional Information for Testing

  • Payment/Refund Status Change:
    Currently, we don't support the simulation of failed refunds. But this is on our roadmap.