Test Mode (Sandbox)

Use test mode to test your Ivy integration before going live with payments.

Ivy's test mode allows you to test your integration without making actual charges or payments. Test mode is a testing environment that simulates creating real objects without the risk of affecting real transactions or moving actual money.

You can also use test mode to simulate transactions to make sure that your integration works correctly. This feature helps to identify any bugs or errors in your Ivy implementation before you go live with actual payments.

After you create an Ivy account, use the toggle the "Test Mode" button on the top right and find a test API key in the integration section. You can use this API key to create and retrieve simulated data by making requests to the Ivy Sandbox API https://api.sand.getivy.de. To start accepting real payments, you need to activate your account, toggle off test mode, and use the live API keys in your integration.

Test mode versus live mode

All Ivy API requests occur in either test mode or live mode. API objects in one mode aren’t accessible to the other. For instance, a test-mode order object can’t be part of a live-mode payment.

test modeUse test mode, and its associated test API keys, as you build your integration. In test mode, no real money is being moved.API calls return simulated objects. For example, you can retrieve and use test checkoutSession, refund, order objects.Use test bank flows. You can’t accept real payments or work with real bank accounts.
live modeUse live mode, and its associated live API keys, when you’re ready to launch your integration and accept real money. In live mode, real money is being moved.API calls return real objects. For example, you can retrieve and use real checkoutSession, refund, order objects.You can accept actual payment authorisations.

The Test mode toggle in the Dashboard doesn’t affect your integration code. Your test and live mode API keys & the API base url are what ultimately affect the behaviour of your code.