Settlement Account


You can use a settlement account to manage your payouts and refunds. If you do not want to use a settlement account, payments will be settled directly into your bank account.

A settlement account is a dedicated bank account that we use to move funds between our platform, accounts, and users. When a payment is processed, the funds are initially held in a holding account before being settled into the account's designated bank account. They have several benefits.


Settlement accounts allow us to manage and track the movement of funds efficiently. This way, we can take over tracking your payment status and guarantee that you will receive the correct amount of money.

With settlement accounts, the refund and payout process is streamlined. If a refund is requested, we can process it directly through the settlement account without any additional steps or delays.

Payout Speed

Ivy regularly settles your available account balance to your bank account, called payout. The payout amount is the sum of all your transactions minus the fees.

The payout frequency is set to weekly by default but can be changed to daily or monthly. Please get in touch with your account manager for this.